Ultra-slim 2D Image Scan Engine

E3250 Ultra-slim 2D Image Scan Engine

Scanning performance

a) 1/4inch plotosensitive pixels,excellent light-sensing performance in low light environments.
b) Using a 1-megapixel Global Shutter pure grayscale image processor.
c)  Wide DOF design,supporting 3mil small code,20mil up to 1m
d) High-brightness laser Aiming

Hardware characteristics

a) Ultra slim height, only 6.8 mm. Perfect for integration into ultra-slim devices.
b) Compatible design with some competitor’s product, directly integrated instead.

Unique Product Characteristics

a) Datalogic Decoding Technology and authorization algorithmic.
b) Flexible technical support on the integration of customer product.

c)Accurate reading ability,only decode bar code label that's close to the center of the aiming pattern,even when many labels are crowded

Product size


Video show

Product specification

Dimensions23,5 mm x 16,2 mm x 6,8 mm
Input voltageVCC 3.3V±5%, VCC_IO: 1.7V~3.6V
Current Consumption

I/O Power current:1mA              

Supply voltage current:200mA

IlluminationWhite LED
AimingRed Laser

-40°C to 85°C(-40°F to 185°F)

-25°C to 50°C(-13°F to 122°F) 

Humidity0 to 95% relative humidity,non-condensing,at 50°C(122°F) 
AMBIENT LIGHT300 lux on the barcode
ShutterGlobal shutter
Sensor Pixels1280(H) x 800(V)=1.0Mp
Field of View48° (H) x 34°(V)
Motion Tolerance

600 cm/s (236in/s) maximum, 400 cm/s (157in/s)typical

Symbol Contrast20% minimum print contrast ratio
Min. Resolution

1D linear  : 2.5mil               

Datamatrix : 6mil , 

PFD417 : 3mil

Scan Angles+/- 60°; Roll(Tilt): +/-180°; Skew(Yaw): +/- 60°
Decode Type(2D)Digimarc; Aztec Code; China Han Xin Code; Data Matrix; MaxiCode;Micro QR Code; QR Code
Decode Type(1D)Auto discriminates all standard 1D codes including GS1
DataBar™ linear codes.
PostalAustralian Post; British Post; China Post; IMB; Japanese
Post; KIX Post; Korea Post; Planet Code; Postnet; Royal
Mail Code (RM4SCC)


5 mil Code 3943mm - 347mm
20mil Code 3965mm - 1110mm
13mil EAN-1335mm - 621mm
10mil DM46mm - 285mm
15mil DM39mm - 464mm
3.13MIL93mm - 219mm

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